sweetart.co.za Hi, I am Lauren Sweet.   Since i was a tiny tot I  have made images and new worlds of beauty and magic, making my dreams come true.  I have used every medium through the years - paint, mosaic, stained glass, papier mache, ceramics, screen printing, beading, leather, drawing, illustrating, photography and now digital painting and photo manipulation.  All this variety shows my love exploring new ways to express myself  ... and mabe a touch of shiny object syndrome ;-).  It ls important to me to create useful things of beauty that serve a function other than just decoration.  Thats why i focus on making images that show who you are, what you can offer your clients and how they will feel from your products or services.   Images inspire and change the way we see ourselves and our lives.  Putting You In the Picture does just this.  When you see yourself as you have always dreamt or wished you are, it makes it possible to achieve your goals.  Seeing yourself as successful, free, connected and magical takes you closer to getting and feeling your desires.   I live on the south coast of sunny South Africa, in a small village surrounded by sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, so much beauty.  There are many birds and animals and the air is clean.  It is a quiet life on the outside, but on the inside there is much happening.  Living surrounded by beauty feeds my soul, but not my need to work with others.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet I am able to live in a remote part of the world and still connect and share with wonderful people all over the globe. Seeing my creativity all over the internet I am even more inspired to help others express their truth through the perfect images that express who they are as coaches, councillors, practitioners, authors and providers of all kinds.  Using images we can create the right way to show you off, to appeal to your perfect client, to help you achieve your hearts desire. Lauren